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102, 2016

Insurance Policy Checkup: Is Your Restaurant Covered?

By |February 1st, 2016|Bar & Tavern Insurance, Bar Insurance, Liquor Liability Insurance, Pub Insurance, Restaurant Insurance, Special Event Liability|0 Comments

The right insurance policy may not always be fun to pay for, but it’s essential when it comes to protecting your property – or in this case, your business. Yes, when it comes to safeguarding your restaurant, there are a lot of different factors that you have to consider. This is especially true if your restaurant also includes a bar or serves alcohol. On that note, it’s always good to give your business a regular checkup to make sure that you’re covered to the extent that you should be. Read on for more information about the coverage that you can’t afford not to have if your business meets certain criteria.
Insurance Policy Must-Haves
If there’s one type of insurance that you want to make absolutely sure your restaurant has, it’s general liability. Specifically, general liability protects your business from both known and unknown risks. With general liability insurance, things like lawsuits resulting from […]

601, 2015

The 7 Trendiest VIP Restaurant Treatments for 2015

By |January 6th, 2015|News And Events, Restaurant Insurance, Special Event Liability|0 Comments

In the highly competitive dining business, restaurants are going to greater lengths than ever before to attract VIP diners and create unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. VIP diners demand special treatment. They want privacy first and foremost, and they want their every need catered to. Often times, creating a VIP experience extends into every part of the restaurant, from the initial design and restaurant buildout to the menu and special surprises along the way. For 2015, here are the trendiest VIP restaurant treatments being tested out across the world.
1. Secret entrances:
A-list celebrities and political figures prefer to enter into a restaurant without being noticed. They don’t want to deal with the fanfare that comes with being known across the world while trying to enjoy a meal with their family or friends. That’s why many top restaurants now offer secret VIP entrances that allow elite diners to sneak in without getting spotted. Sometimes, […]

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